Using industrial desalination plant technique, and pumps to bring water to the plant and then over the mountain, the end product is flushed down the other side of the mountain to a generator that creates approximately 50% of the energy needed to pump it up the mountain. A solar cell panel park is established to furnish the desalination plant and the first pump with energy. For simplicity reasons the solar cell panel park will be placed on the roof of the desalination plant.

The desalination process demands lots of space, however so do the pumps: As each pump require app. 6 m including walking space, the total length of the plant is 6 m x 5000 or 30 km. This is a minimum figure, in our calculations we have doubled it and then some: 70 km total length. The desalination process forms the basis for the width of the plant, the initial plan is 1,000 processing plants which mounts up to a total area requirement of 70-100 km2.

The pipelines leading the saltwater to the pumps have a diameter of 5 meter.

Detail pic. 1: Shows the intake pipeline compared to a person.

Detail pic. 2: Shows the pipeline complex compared to a 18-wheeler.




While working on these issues and calculating, we used Google a lot. Below are random links from what we discovered along the way:

Interesting article and very nice pictures, from Chad (year 2000):