The expertise will cover the following areas:

The individual points are linked or presented in a separate presentation.

sydney waterSimilar projects - not 100% alike Water To The Desert but parts or size are either already built, under construction or in planning. Sydney Water is a good example of the latter. They also provided this Q&A page.


logo__unesco,property=defaultThe WHYMAP (Worldwide Hydrogeological Mapping and Assessment Programme) representing UNESCO, IAEA and several other bodies including the International Association of Hydrogeologists  has presented several detailed map regarding underground water reservoirs, we have made a clip-out of the northern Africa Here.







In addition to investigating scientific research of the most core nature, we have also investigated reports from projects like huge solar cell panel driven power plants, as well as the newly founded Spanish projects for desalination.

To further develop the knowledge base, we are investing in farm land in Kenya, using the Buried Diffuser as a way to save on water.