The natural question would be,  what will this cost? What we are proving is that the cost is only 10% of the prospected income for the investor and that the long-term effect will influence all the people today living in the areas below the 2 meter line above sea level. In our opinion, the real question should be: What will the cost be to NOT establish our concept?

The land we are looking to developing has no value today, and the purchase prize is very low. At the same time, it is fairly simple to develop the resources the future income is based on.

Is capturing seawater and conversion to fresh water costly? It does not have to be. According to the calculations from Lenntech, the investment is less than 1% compared to 41% electrical costs.

Desert Water is a registered Limited company. The name reflects our focus on the Water To The Desert project and to make sure all attention was on this project.

We have presented the project as a straight commercial business to selected investors already. The presentation is now open for the public at 10 share.  Purchase here. Bank-to-bank transfers here.

Desert Water Ltd will soon be in a position to start producing. In order to get there, we are going to participate in the three test productions: One in Kenya, one in Morocco and one in South Africa. In addition to that, we are planning to invest in the company that has the patented Buried Diffuser, Chahtech SA, Tunisia.

The total capital needed at this stage is 1 million including overhead. We are issuing 100,000 shares priced at 10 each. There is no limitations upwards on the number of shares purchased.

Out of the capital thus gained, most will be used to invest in development projects land in Tunisia, Morocco and Kenya .

Investing in Desert Water.

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We are offering two ways of investing:

Certificate: We are offering 20-year Certificate at 50 each. The funding from certificates will solely be used to purchase land, so the holder owns an ideal portion of the land we will own. The company will purchase back all the certificates after the 20-year period at a surplus prize.

To purchase certificate, use this form.

Shares: At the current level of development, we are facing investments prior to start-up as outlined in the Company Presentation, such as pumps, pipelines, desalination plant, solar cell power plant as well as Buried Diffuser products. Any one can purchase the number of shares they wish, and either keep them under the purchaser name, or give to others as a gift.

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To read the Company presentation, use this link.