This is the very beginning of the planning of the concept. As such, we have many ideas waiting to be put into paper; the basic idea is this (also read up on the Schematics page):

  1. To pump up large quantities of salt water from the Atlantic ocean.
  2. We intend to use solar energy for the pumps
  3. Geographically it looks like the ideal point to place the pipeline will be (either) in the south of Morocco, leading into the Atlas mountains into the basin to the East of the mountains (or possibly on the Algerian coast). There will be a need for pumps in the mountains as well.
  4. We will then desalinate, using the most cost-effective method available.
  5. The fresh water will  start as an artificial lake, from there pumped into the desert at selected areas
  6. The water will be used for irrigation - for building of forest and plants, as well as for farming and drinking water.

By doing this we will achieve three major results:

  1. The sea level will not rise, or rise slower
  2. Sahara will go from being a desert to a forest
  3. We will be able to create a sustainable situation for new farming in the Northern Africa.


The future: