Sahara01It is our firm belief that the solution to the water rising in the oceans, the global warming in general and starvation in parts of Africa due to drought can all be solved in a single project.

We suggest to use sea water from the Atlantic Ocean, pumped up in large quantities and then desalinated to water the Sahara desert, thus creating sustainable conditions for replanting of the desert, for farming and for producing of new food resources as well as changing the largest desert on the planet Earth into a living, growing organism.

We call the project Water To The Desert.forest5

On the following pages we have started the assimilation of the concept itself, the referenced expertise needed to complete the project, the current debate related to the concept, the development stages as well as the growing list of resources.

The project has four phases, in 2015 we will start up testing various plants in greenhouses in Tatouine, Tunisia. From there on, we will develop the project up to industrial level with practical support from governments, Yara (supplier of nutrition for the plants) and desalination supplier. It is our aim to be profitable from the start.

You, the visitor to this site are hereby invited to participate at any level you feel qualified to. Please visit our Webshop. A brief presentation (Norwegian).


Desert Water